Strength of the Broken Hearted

If I could, I’d raise my white flag in this black world of mine.
The broken hearts though, they say my world will be beautiful again, in time.
If these people could believe in something so sublime,
I guess so could I?

Even though it’s impossible for me to see
these broken hearts say, even with darkness, they stand by me.
It was but an accident. If they believed that soon from her grasp, I’ll be free
I guess so could I?


To those wondering, I named the whole lyric sequence: Dancing With Darkness
The first poem is entitled Beautifully Empty
and the second one is Darkness, it is I



A Night With The Elevator

I can’t believe they still didn’t clean the handprints off the elevator doors. It’s already Thursday, and I’ve told maintenance since Monday morning to clean up the elevator doors. It’s already bad enough that this place has only one elevator and one fire exit stairwell. I live on the fourteenth floor so I can’t just take the stairs whenever I want to, and it’s pretty disgusting to know that there are handprints on the elevator doors that have been there for four days now. If they don’t clean even just that, what else don’t they clean around here?

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