Games and Butterfly Knives

Mike was addicted. He loved playing Games. He played with his friends a lot. There never really was a sure winner whenever they would play; they would just play for fun. Their objective was to always summon the Red Eyes Hungry Dragon – and every time they played, they were successful.

They never played in public because playing Games was illegal. That did not stop Mike and his friends though because they would just play at someone’s house. People new that Mike and his friends were playing Games in someone’s house but no one cared; Mike and his friends were very influential, so everyone just turned the other cheek.

After awhile, people started to worry about Mike; he would play Games almost everyday, and sometimes, when he had no one to play with, he would play by himself. Mike was obsessed; the Dragon had a grip on him and consumed him with smoke and flames. Mike needed help, and his friends knew it – they just did not know how to help him.

His parents needed to do something, and they needed to do it quick. They panicked; and up until today they don’t know why they did, but they introduced Mike to the art of spinning a butterfly knife. The parents were the first to actually help Mike with this art. They bought his first pair, and taught him how to use it. They looked at YouTube videos on how to spin a butterfly knife, but the parents could not go through with something so cruel. They were disgusted with themselves, but Mike was not. Mike was happy his parents showed him how to spin a butterfly knife. Mike practiced a lot and was determined to properly spin the knife one day.

When that day came, Mike was not addicted to playing Games anymore, and that was the last time Mike ever spun his butterfly knife. It may not have been the ideal way for Mike to stop playing Games, but it worked.


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