On the hook

She told him she liked him, and all Mario said was, “Thanks.” It wasn’t a surprise to him when he saw her face go from nervous to disappointed. Really though, what kind of response did this person expect from someone who was currently in a six-year relationship. Was he supposed to lie to her and say he liked her too? Did she think Mario was just going to up and leave his girlfriend for her?

Mario was not that kind of person, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t an idiot. After he very gently put her down, he made the mistake of telling her that he was in a bad place with his current girlfriend and that he used her as some sort of “replacement.” This gave the girl hope, she was on his hook, and he did not mean to get her there.

News got out that Mario and his girlfriend, Christina, had broken up. It was not long until the girl that confessed to him tried making her move again. Mario, being the idiot that he was, entertained her, and the two flirted a bit. After some time, when Mario finally came to his senses, he started looking for the perfect moment he could tell the girl that he does not like her, and that she’s got no chance. He wanted her off his hook.

It was anything but perfect. Mario talked about this other girl he liked – this was about two months after he was broken up – and it was counter productive. You have to understand; it wasn’t like he just talked about Annette out of nowhere. He’d mention Annette’s name in conversations he’s had with the girl that confessed.

“There’s this cute girl, her name’s Annette.”
“Dude! This Annette girl is really cool.”
“Dude. I’m so smitten by Annette! She’s so cool and I’m not sure but I think maybe she likes me too!”

Mario thought that by then it was pretty obvious that he didn’t like her, he liked Annette. The girl that confessed told Mario that she knew and it was cool because she didn’t like him anymore. Mario wasn’t sure if he believed her or not because she also knew that Mario wasn’t going to get together with Annette (not anytime soon at least). Annette was currently in a six-year relationship, and Mario was not that kind of person.


I’m reserving whatever rights I have over this short story 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed!


3 thoughts on “On the hook

  1. Really liked this story, touching the way you make each of the characters sympathetic, each just trying to cope with the situation as best they can. I especially like the way Mario calls the girl who confessed ‘dude’ repeatedly, to try and remind her ‘hey, we’re just friends, right? You’re like one of the guys’. Ace. 🙂


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