On this gloomy day

On this gloomy day,
when the Rain decided to pour
and the Wind had something to say,
I was caught within a twister of emotions.

Each one wanting – waiting – to roar.
Sadness had trumped Anger
and Happiness did not even bother trying anymore.
Rain poured and floods had turned to oceans.

Divided by the body of water, I became a stranger.
But Hope did not die, rather, she built a ship
at an attempt at staying friends with her.
The friendship that is built will come to fruition.

I was confident it would, wouldn’t it?
Storms come and go and I was certain the ocean would drain.
Sadness thought she’d finally trapped Anger and Happiness in a pit,
but worry not, for Happiness continues to fight on.

I believe Sadness can’t and won’t remain.
The oceans will dry up, and on that moment I will not stay.
When Sadness finally falls, a friendship we will maintain.
When Happiness triumphs, she will roar like that of a lion.

And so on this gloomy day,
I’ll let Happiness be my captain.
She will lead the way
and life will continue on a forward motion


I’m currently working on a horror short story right now but since it’s been pouring lately, I couldn’t help but make this piece. I hope you guys enjoy this! Again, reserving rights over this 🙂

Does anyone know if I HAVE to say the whole “reserving my rights” bit? I mean, like is it a given or do I have to mention it if I don’t want some other person taking credit for this?


3 thoughts on “On this gloomy day

  1. I’ve never said that I was “reserving my rights”, and I post poems and stuff too. If you’re really afraid of it getting copied, then maybe it’s a good idea, but honestly I’ve never experienced/heard of it happen on here:)


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